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“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.” Theodore Levitt.

Commercial air conditioning should be unobtrusive and invisible to staff and customers at your place of business, and this is our aim at CoolGear Air Conditioning in London. Through our experience and expertise in the aircon industry we propose to make your business environment a comfortable one. This means not too hot, not too cold and with a fresh ambience. How we do it should not be obvious.

Visitors to a stifling bar or freezing hotel will not be happy. Make sure you provide a positive experience by getting the room temperature exactly right. Through our initial site survey, the right air conditioning system will be selected for your business needs.

Every commercial air conditioning system we propose will offer the total control of temperature, air quality and humidity, together with no drafts or noise. Your work environment will always remain fresh, comfortable and welcoming, no matter how busy the work area gets.

For all commercial air conditioning in London contact CoolGear Air Conditioning today on 0203 1266716.

We are also proud to be open and transparent about costs so you can control your budget from the outset. We offer fixed price air conditioning installation and maintenance services in London. In this respect we are possibly unique in the AC industry.

Air Conditioning Services in London:

  • Expert advice
  • Site surveys
  • Planning / design
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Service & maintenance

Commercial air conditioning systems:

  • Ceiling mounted cassette
  • Ceiling mounted ducted
  • Wall mounted
  • VRV and VRF
Air Conditioning and air con in London by CoolGear

We are also proud to be open and transparent about costs.

Maintenance packages

We offer fixed price installation and maintenance. In this respect we are possibly unique in the industry.

You will have many commercial requirements for hot water and refrigeration, heating, cooling and ventilation, but nothing should distract your customers and visitors from enjoying a great brand experience.

Supplying the right air conditioning system for a commercial venue requires a lot of thought and expert help. There are many elements to consider: noise, fluctuating visitor numbers, odour removal, location and aesthetics are just some examples of what we cover.

We work throughout London and the UK to design and install air conditioning systems that are perfect for the size of the building and volume of customers it serves. This maintains a comfortable environment all year round.

Our friendly CoolGear team specify only the highest quality equipment, ensuring you benefit from a cost effective, efficient system and great customer service.

Long term maintenance and support is available through a series of flexible packages that can also be tailored to your needs.